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3D Steel Modelling services

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3D Steel Modelling services

Powered by cutting-edge technologies and the best minds in the industry, we offer structural 3D modelling services focused on facilitating better product/structure visualization and helping our clients convey their design concepts through accurate 3D models. 

Our extensive skill base, expertise, and experience allow us to execute structural 3D modelling projects embracing the latest technologies.

What We Offer

  • Reinforced concrete modelling
  • Steel framing modelling
  • As built modelling
  • Precast modeling
  • Connection modeling
  • Foundation modelling
  • Structural stair modelling

Paradigm Outsourcing (Formerly Paradigm Engineering) provides 3D structural (Steel, Concrete, & Precast) modelling / Detailing for global and domestic Structural Engineers, Builders, Developers, and Contractors addressing practical situations during inception, design, construction, and operations.


Paradigm Outsourcing’s Structural 3Dmodeling Services include: 

(CAD to BIM conversion)

  • 3D Structural Modeling with finishes
  • Existing condition modelling from CAD, PDF, Revit or scanned drawings
  • DD, CD drawing production from BIM
  • BIM Analytics and BIM-based visualization support
  • 3D Analysis Model Development, Load generation
  • 3D Structural Steel Model with Connection for
  • General Arrangement Drawings (GAD), Erection Drawing
  • Structural BOQ
  • Mock-up / Prototype modelling


Our experienced 3D modellers and checkers have created models for residential towers, commercial buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, airports, hotel complexes, transport infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment plants, and distribution systems. We have worked with leading companies in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

The International Standards we follow:

  • AISC- American Institute of Steel Construction
  • RCSC Standards – Research Council on Structural Connections
  • CISC – Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel
  • ASTM Standards – American Society for Testing and Materials Standards
  • BS – British Standards
  • ACI Standards – American Concrete Institute Standards
  • AS – Australian Standards
  • CRSI Standards – The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Standards


We have an in-house team of Structural 3D modellers with significant years of experience handling Structural 3D Modelling and 3D Rebar Modeling, as well as Rebar 3D Modeling Services in Revit projects for our global clientele. 

Over the years, we have completed 150+ projects for clients spread across 10 countries. We endeavour to meet complete customer satisfaction and exceed your expected quality, cost factor, and turnaround time.

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