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Steel Fabrication Outsourcing Shop Drawing

Steel Fabrication Outsourcing Shop Drawing

Steel fabrication shop drawing is the basic document that helps in getting architectural approval as it contains some of the most complex details like sections, dimensions, details, welding information, and fabrication standards. They play a marking role in making a project profitable project.

Paradigm Engineering very well understands the importance of this stage and thus provides high-quality steel fabrication shop drawings and Steel Fabrication drawings to its customers worldwide. Our steel shop drawing provides detailed information to better understand the dimensions, material type, installation process, positions, member connection details, etc.


Features of steel shop drawing:
  • Shop drawings ease the process of fabricating different components.
  • Shop drawings act as a step-by-step assembly manual.
  • Shop drawings are used to show essential and required information for fabrication & at times erection too.
  • Steel fabrication shop Drawings provide complete information on all components like dimensions, design specifications & Bill of Materials.


What is included in the steel shop drawing:

Our drawings play a very crucial role in the construction industry thus it must include some of the most usable information-

  • Comparison information for the architect and engineer
  • Shop drawing includes appearance, performance, and other specific descriptions.
  • Changes or alterations from the construction documents
  • Suggestions where verification of dimensions is needed


Why choose us?

Paradigm Engineering is serving not just our nation but worldwide with its incredible services. We have successfully outsourced our services in the USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, UAE, Germany, France, New Zealand, Paris, and Nigeria. Inquire us for Outsource Steel Fabrication Drawing and Outsourcing Steel Fabrication Shop Drawing