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Steel Shop Drawing Detailer

Steel Shop Drawing Detailer

Steel shop drawing Detailer:

Steel shop drawing is one of the most important parts of the fabrication industry. It is valued as the backbone of the fabrication industry. Creating connections and outlaying designs is the most complex process thus one needs to choose the best steel shop drawing Detailer.

Paradigm Engineering handles this complex process with ease. Our experienced team of detailers creates selected views, rules-based dimensions, and also assembly sheets that are needed for combinations of structural and architectural elements.

A steel shop drawing is a set of drawings required for prefabricated components. These drawings are used by the fabricator, manufacturer, contractor, or supplier. We are the industry leader and are experts in handling all the services related to steel shop drawing.

With our incredible team of highly-skilled detailers, draftsmen, and 3D modelers. we ought to deliver the best services on time and in a cost-effective manner. These drawings are utilized by project managers and installers and incredibly contribute to the profitability of any project.


The benefit of hiring our detailers:

  • Efficiently manages connection designs
  • latest models of stairs, railings, and cage ladders
  • Can handle even complex projects
  • International level of designs
  • Equipped with the latest software and hardware
  • No scope for error
  • 3D modeling made easy
  • well aware of industry developments
  • Analyses customers requirement


Why choose us:

Paradigm Engineering is serving not just our nation but worldwide with its incredible services. We have successfully outsourced our services to the USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, UAE, Germany, France, New Zealand, Paris, and Nigeria.

We have a team of steel shop drawing detailers that provides noteworthy services in shop drawing.

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