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Steel Shop Drawing in Revit

Steel Shop Drawing in Revit

Steelwork is the most complex work in the construction industry and when it comes to creating connections and outlaying design it can be a headache for architects.

To ease the work of designers’ Revit has come up with a plug-in for steel shop drawings. This plug-in creates selected views, rules-based dimensions, and also assembly sheets that are needed for combinations of structural and architectural elements. Steel shop drawing is considered a most complex part of the fabrication industry.

Steel Shop Drawing in Revit Service

They are a set of drawings required for prefabricated components. These drawings are used by the fabricatormanufacturer, contractor, or supplier.

Paradigm engineering is an expert in handling all the services related to steel shop drawings. we have a team of detailers, draftsmen, and 3D modelers that delivers the best services on time and cost-efficiently.

These drawings are utilized by project managers and installers and incredibly contribute to the profitability of any project.


  • Efficiently manages repetitive connection designs
  • Ready to use the vault
  • Quickly models stairs, railings, and cage ladders
  • Create the design of any shape quickly
  • Easy access and transfer fabrication data
  • Create complex structures easily
  • Real-time analyses of steel connection design
  • Performance improvements
  • Minimize error
  • 3D model

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